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I didn't even know those cards existed. I like cards...

My daughter's toy experiences with Transformers has been a bit limited due to my not being able to find something in stores for her age group (though I've only been passively looking tbh). She recently watched some G1 and Prime (I think Prime...) with her dad. She's just started to realise that most of the crap on the shelves above the kitchen table are actually toys that she can point at and try to ask for, or try to snatch when she's being carried. Most of her efforts seem to be focused on MP Grimlock, though that may just be because it is directly above a chair at the table so when she climbs up and stands on the chair/whoever is sitting in the chair, she can ALMOST touch it...

I'm looking forward to her playing with all the Transformers we've set aside for her thus far.

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