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I ended up reading this after the G.I. Joe stuff and was pleasantly... entertained. The good stuff first... taking the focus onto a single character, namely Wheeljack, is pretty great. Scripting's nice, and Wheeljack rediscovering all the shit that's going on is a nice way to recap to the audience what's been going on in Cybertron, especially if you haven't read Windblade.

Also like to see finally some civilians hating on Starscream and throwing rocks at him. One of my biggest complaints of Windblade and RID in general is how somehow the general population somehow votes to keep Starscream in power whereas nearly every named character talks shit about him.

I do like the fake out that Starscream is actually talking to Scoop instead of ranting like a madman. I do like that very much.

I also do like the little party scene in Blurr's bar with Wheeljack and a party hat.

Art is still pretty gorgeous, and with more inking being worked into the Sarah Stone art, it makes the story flow a lot better than the ones she did for Windblade.

Ironhide and Windblade function well as secondary characters, and I do like the little black hole explanation. I also like the fact that Flatline's made the jump from IDW's Movie comics to mainstream comics. You go, Flatline. Make us Movie fans proud. I still loathe Scoop and Rattrap, but they are inoffensive here.

Yeah, the issue in general is pretty solid... but there's a fair amount of stuff I hate and I want to rant about. First up, do we really need to revive Wheeljack? Like really? Every single damn character not in MTMTE who's died, except for Scrapper, has been revived no less than a year or two from their death. Gee well they bring up Bumblebee right up in our faces, guess who's probably going to get resurrected in RID #40 or whatever. It isn't even funny anymore. Let the dead stay dead god damn it.

And speaking of bad resurrections, let's bring up bad deaths. Slingshot just... dies. Like that. As part of Superion. Off-screen. And is promptly replaced by this Alpha Bravo dickshit. Really? I've never been a big fan of Slingshot or the Aerialbots in general, but doing all this just to sell toys...

And the Combiner Wars in general. Starscream's being incredibly vague with 'the enemy' and 'danger' and all that and somehow suckers Wheeljack into rebuilding Superion... and for what? It makes no god damn sense at all, and rereading through Wheeljack's monologue twice I still don't get just what Starscream's justifications for rebuilding Superion is other than the fact that Starscream's a bit cuckoo in the head, and Wheeljack is all depressed and gloomy and shit. Doesn't really work in my opinion.

Why does Starscream want combiners again? They haven't had a great track record so far beyond 'giant angry things', other than Prowl using Devastator like a big blunt instrument.

How the hell is Monstructor still active? Last we saw him he got beaten up by Devastator, the Lost Light rammed him and caused him to shatter into his component pieces and Windblade's team and the Lost Light crew headed off to apprehend him. They somehow still survive?

Starscream's characterization still jumps around from RID to Dark Cybertron to Windblade to MTMTE to RID again, and I just don't know anymore. Also the Armada body pisses me off to no end.

It's a pretty blatant segue into Combiner Wars, and hopefully it isn't a complete and utter clusterf-ck that Dark Cybertron was, but really I just can't get excited, not one bit, about any of this.

Alpha Bravo and Powerglide. HEY LOOK GUYSE IT IS NEW TOYS TO REPLACE THE NOW DEAD SLINGSHOT!! IDW Slingshot is now officially less of a person than goddamn Barrel Roll.

It's a good Barber issue, and it serves as a nice recap, but the connotations of things to come from this issue just pisses me the hell off.
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