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Nah, I want a Sixshot toy, not some random 99% black sixchanger dude. It'd be a choice between the original and the new, G1-ified release, I think.

I find the original's Drift-swords random and baffling, and don't like how the scabbards look. On the other hand, the original guns look way nicer than the chromed ones on the reissue. I'll probably end up getting the new one just because of the price, if I go for it.
Finally figured it out! The swords and slicey-disc-things are more for the Shadow Maru version should MMC ever get to that.

Originally Posted by Paul053 View Post
Combined the whole thing. Even just standing there without posing, I stared at him for a long while and he already made my jaw drop. Totally worth it.
Yeah, he's pretty overwhelming. I just put mine back together yesterday after having the group in a robot ensemble for a while. Still super impressed with the whole project.
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