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Drinking with Death's Head gave me a Dead Head. Pretty much the whole of Monday was a write off for me. Not in a violent vomiting way, just in a, "I could get out of bed anytime I want but another hour or so won't hurt" way.

And I was so proud of my drinking stamina back at Auto Assembly.

I'll do more thoughts (probably in the form of a Youtube video) when I'm more settled, but I will say in good news that when talking to Bob he seemed amiable in theory about coming to AA, as long as he gets a good deal (from the way he was talking this meant they pay for his flights and a nice hotel room rather than hookers dressed as Circuit Breaker and a massive pile of drugs) so if anyone working for the convention wants to make him an offer.

Also, my pics. Including the first picture of Octus in 25 years!:
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