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Massive SPOILERS below

Cover is misleading. Rhinox is barely in it.

Amazing story of the ancients. This is more like "Nova Prime: Origins" than Robots in Disguise.

The issue basically chronicles Galvatron's and Nova's journey from "humility" to being the bastards they are now, showing that Alpha Trion orchestrated the whole thing as they were supposedly trustworthy back then.

A lot of backstory and mish-mashing with the Covenant of Primus and the 13 Primes; basically IDW's take on it. Some interesting concepts, and a lot more "epic story" than the "political thriller" that ensued later on with the Senate etc.

Sadly we only get to see one of the other Primes, and just barely. The rest are never seen in the issue and are said to have run away [??].

Unfortunately it all ties in to a token object that will help transformers combine [ie tying up with the combiner wars crossover], that ended up on Earth, and how Prime says it might be what will help Superion. Meh.

Some winky winky "bad guy" vibe from Prowl towards the end, for no reason, as Prime said he trusts him. Oh well.

Nova's ascent made me smile the whole way through. Awesome issue.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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