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I have a ridiculous number of Dark of the Moon trading cards, all still sealed in packages, plus an album for these, if anyone is interested in such things... (Robotkingdom seem to have decided to offload their entire warehouse load on me with a couple of recent orders of Age of Extinction figures...).

I've had a few experiences with kids as an adult Transformers fan. Always been a pleasure (be it playing around with Unicron or fixing a friend's kids' ROTF figures...). My wife really doesn't approve - makes her very embarrassed - but surely this is a positive aspect of the interest?

I've looked at Rescue Bots with my son in mind, although am worried:
- A: Maybe not suitable for a 7 month old baby...
- B: I'd probably be killed by my wife. (She has agreed that if our son discovers Transformers for himself she'll support his interest, but wants me to avoid influencing that. So it's progress!)

New sale thread added with a range of Transformers including Masterpiece, Botcon, CHUG, RID, Movies etc.

Looking for MP-11T Thundercracker and MP-9 Rodimus v2 (Takara version with as few QC issues as possible).

Check out my new sale thread now!

Also items on eBay.
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