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Can we have Wheeljack in every issue?
That would be best, I feel.

But the combiners hunting thing now being throwing retroactively even further and further back (it's basically becoming what Transformers has actually been about all along) in unengaging and it doesn't deal with any of the flaws in the set up that the combiners have consistently been useless in battle. At least one line explaining why they don't just build a load of Omega Supremes instead would be nice.
Yes, especially as Prime goes out of his way to tell everyone just how useless the combiners have been. Devastator didn't exactly wipe out the Decepticons two months ago and didn't even manage to subdue Earth all that effectively. They have spaceships! Why are they bothering to glue people together to make a big dumb guy?

Otherwise, mad Galvatron the Barbarian stuff was fun and played to Livio's strengths and I'm Mad Me Alpha Trion remains the one good idea Mike Costa ever had.
Yeah, was quite impressed by that Tower of Light siege with the beasts. Galvatron the Barbarian is genuinely great value. I like how terrible he is at lying also.
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