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Yes, especially as Prime goes out of his way to tell everyone just how useless the combiners have been. Devastator didn't exactly wipe out the Decepticons two months ago and didn't even manage to subdue Earth all that effectively. They have spaceships! Why are they bothering to glue people together to make a big dumb guy?
I'm inclined to think they're aiming for having the combiners made with this month's Macguffin being 'real' combiners, and thus more powerful and effective than the current crop of mad science projects.

(As an aside, my hope had been that the Technobots would have whipped up Computron as a foray into making a good combiner, since they had a little time to study Monstructor's component parts back in the Furman days. But they're mostly dead now so that won't happen. Poor Technobots, they get no respect)
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