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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Don't worry, if the toys get that far the Technobots will no doubt make a miraculous recovery. Except for the one Hasbro no longer has the copyright for the name, who will die horribly off page and be replaced by 7 Zark 7.
That would be one hell of a miraculous recovery. Wasn't Nosecone ripped apart or eaten by Sweeps? And Afterburner and Lightspeed blew themselves up with Kimia.

So that would mean the two of them survived blowing Kimia out of the sky, stitched Nosecone back together, and somehow also survived the Kimia wreckage being smashed by Devastator. All while not being noticed by anyone else/appearing on panel. That would strain credulity far more than any of the other fake-out deaths we've gotten.

Oh! I know. That was actually their spark brothers Nosebone, Afterbruner, and Lichtspeed.
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