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Interestingly, Roberts has just this second mentioned on Twitter that he's probably going to write something about the thought process behind this issue as the immediate fan reaction has been so strong (though not having had chance to browse other forums as yet I don't know in what way).

So, an issue that on the face of it seems to be deliberately ignoring last month's cliffhanger, but instead has decided to focus on an ethical dilemma.

It's an interesting and difficult question and the comic is quite smart in that we know the extent to which the found body is bad news before the rest of the characters.

Poor First Aid, he does everything that a doctor should do (well, almost, I was surprised that the idea of just stabilising the patient until they could get them to a secure facility would have been the most sensible option, restoring an unknown to full health seems pointlessly dangerous. That's something that could have been covered in one line easily enough so it was surprising, unless I missed it, that it wasn't adressed as Roberts is normally good at that), even when he realises it's a member of the DJD and is reticent to donate his own fuel because of those Pharma issues he still helps Trailcutter do it, and it completely bites him on the ass.

It's a difficult issue (and perhaps the way it could be read as "Letting your enemies die is the best bet" is what's causing the fuss?) and both sides of the argument are well handled. I do think Bluestreak is the one who actually comes off worse in not responding to First Aid's call for help just because he's a bit of a dick, and I certainly didn't feel as if just because it was the wrong choice this time that it would be the case everytime (and of course, doctor's have no choice in the matter anyway).

To counter that, we have serious medical malpractice in the flashbacks. The parallel to the Autobot's decision in the present is clear, not fixing Vos would have been by far the best option despite it being against all medical ethics, but in the past a similar pragmatic "For the common good" decision to mess with Megatron (which you could argue, if it not for Rung interfering before it took hold, would have prevented four million years of war) does nothing but make things worse in the long run.

That's hugely interesting and thoughtful, it's not a case of "**** your enemy", nor "Help them no matter what", both characters in both time frames make their choices based on what they think is right and things end up pretty screwed up as a result. There's some serious depth there and no easy answers. Wonderful.

Amidst all that, we also get:

An explanation for why Megatron was barely capable of speaking in sentences in Megatron: Origin (presumably he was still suffering from what Trepan did to him).

Megatron having a friend in everyone's favourite Peter Davison [I]Doctor Who story, Terminus. Start your "Terminus is Tarn!" speculation now.

The DJD actually having had a rough time of it in their fight with the ALL and the various other parties that seem to have joined in. A nice counter to the claims they were too tough in the flashbacks.

So all the other new crewmembers were just floating in space after all.

Trailcutter's death seemed to be determined to be a "So, people think I do too many fake outs? Lets kill this muther in the most lethal way possible then!" reaction from Roberts.

Though... with all the speculation Agent 113 is in the DJD, is Kaon one of our boys and the entire thing was an elaborate trick to fool Vos?

And that cliffhanger... so, is that past Brainstorm mucking about because the Institute were involved in messing up Megatron's head... or is time travel involved? The later seems more likely considering what we know about the briefcase, but nothing can be certain here.

If it is time travel, them presumably the third part of the Shadowplay trilogy will see our characters mucking about in the past of Cybertron?
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