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Thought this was excellent. Nothing too flashy, just solid comics-making the whole way through. I agree that the Trailcutter bit was probably reflexive but it was still effective.

And holy damn, Trepan and Froid are a lot more scary than the Superjail hijinx of the DJD.

Rojo does fine work throughout. He's warmed right up.

I do think that those long passages from Towards Peace might be unnecessary and probably best left to the imagination.

Terminus is great and not at all what I was expecting. I had in mind a much more boring sensei type during the gladiator days for some reason. It's a good move to give Megatron such an emotional reason to act like a crazy person - it was the bitter advice of a dying friend who was the only one who believed in him during a dark time. What would Terminus think if he saw what the persona he advocated would do? I reckon that is the main reason why Tarn won't be Terminus - his advice and his way was for a different time and a different context, which is why Megatron erased his memory from existence.

And of course Trailcutter's panic bubble was being set up as a locked room from which there was no escape. Blindsided me again - I genuinely thought he was safe when it went up. Nice callback to the leg guns too. Those things sure are handy.

How great are Mainframe and Bluestreak? Pair of jerks!
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