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I do think that those long passages from Towards Peace might be unnecessary and probably best left to the imagination.
I could be wrong, but I think part of the reason for that was to show that Trepan had scratched the surface and deleted little bits of it before he was stopped.

I might be wrong, and I've been trying to figure out how to explain what makes me think this, but I feel like there's some screwy with the chronology around the events involving the alternate Lost Light and Offsted.

There was the DJD assault on the ALL, which I feel like was a while ago (I keep wanting to say it was around the time of Overlord's rampage on our LL, which I don't think it could be now because of Kaon's appearance in Remain in Light, which had to be before the ALL attack and the events on Offsted. So the DJD must have burnt a lot of time getting to and preparing to attack the ALL).
And there was the fight between the Galactic Council, the Black Block Consortia and others (presumably the DJD were involved) which was recent enough to leave a rather injured Vos and Kaon on the planet, but far enough back that the non-Cybertronians weren't around to be run into by the Rodpod. And while the non-Cybertronians are gone, the DJD is still nearby since Kaon called for a beam out, yet there was no sign of them still being around during Megatron and Co.'s wacky adventure on the wrecked ship.

I suppose the other DJD aren't around and left Vos and Kaon to rot, so we might get Kaon's explanation of events. Could be interesting to see how they differ from alternate Rewind's.
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