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I'll believe that Trailbreaker is dead when First Aid or Ratchet say so, and not a moment sooner. What the comic showed was vague at best, and I find it hard to believe Roberts would have gone to such lengths to show how sympathetic he was to Megatron just to kill him. Given the book's track record...

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It's a difficult issue (and perhaps the way it could be read as "Letting your enemies die is the best bet" is what's causing the fuss?) and both sides of the argument are well handled. I do think Bluestreak is the one who actually comes off worse in not responding to First Aid's call for help just because he's a bit of a dick, and I certainly didn't feel as if just because it was the wrong choice this time that it would be the case everytime (and of course, doctor's have no choice in the matter anyway). mean most people don't think that?

Seriously though, I found the initial bits of story to be quite heavy-handed, with Bluestreak and his "What faction is he? Do we know what side he's on? Where's his badge?" coming off as a bit strawmanesque. The later discussion between First Aid and Trailbreaker was a lot better-handled IMO, and surprised me because I would have expected to see the two characters on opposite sides of it. The reasons why they felt the way they did made perfect sense to me though.

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To counter that, we have serious medical malpractice in the flashbacks. The parallel to the Autobot's decision in the present is clear, not fixing Vos would have been by far the best option despite it being against all medical ethics, but in the past a similar pragmatic "For the common good" decision to mess with Megatron (which you could argue, if it not for Rung interfering before it took hold, would have prevented four million years of war) does nothing but make things worse in the long run.
Actually...quite the opposite IMO. Even if Trepan didn't have a chance to make wholesale changes to Megatron's psyche, he violated him in the most personal way possible. Being victimized like that by your own government would tend to radicalize even someone as peaceful as Megatron was in the flashbacks. On top of what Whirl did...well, it'd be hard to argue that this wasn't yet another big push down the road to cartoonish supervillainy for Megs.

If Trepan had kept his needles to himself, Megatron might have become a totally different person.

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The DJD actually having had a rough time of it in their fight with the ALL and the various other parties that seem to have joined in. A nice counter to the claims they were too tough in the flashbacks.
Did they? I got the impression the aliens gave them more trouble than the Lost Light did.

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I might be wrong, and I've been trying to figure out how to explain what makes me think this, but I feel like there's some screwy with the chronology around the events involving the alternate Lost Light and Offsted.
The timelines left me scratching my head, too.
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