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Just some quickish thoughts for now, but overall I enjoyed this.

Even if Trailbreaker's death turns out to be another fake-out, I think the desired reaction was achieved here. I was shocked at any rate. It sort of just came out of nowhere.

I felt Roberts chose some pretty great 'moral conundrums' to explore here in both past in present sequences. Not so clear cut and straightforward, not so black and white, which I really appreciated.

Like Dalek, I was racking my brain on that one, going back and forth on which was the more 'morally just' option... Though, me being a member of the audience, of course I'm going to say, "Fuck morality, let that asshole Vos die!"

Speaking of which, I have to hand it to Roberts; he created a set of genuinely hateable villains. For once that's not a criticism against the DJD. In the most complimentary sense I want to see them die. Like, in the most satisfyingly prolonged and gruesome manner conceivable.

What? I'm not joking (well, not entirely ); this is the first time the DJD have evoked this kind of response from me.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Start your "Terminus is Tarn!" speculation now.
Seems to be, doesn't he?

Then again, probably a red herring, but the ambiguity of his fate right now and his faith in Megatron (albeit pre-Space Hilter Megatron) supports that theory. Not sure I completely buy it myself yet, though Terminus quoting "you are being deceived" from Megatron's treatise did strike me as your typical Roberts-esque clue-seeding.
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