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I could be wrong, but I think part of the reason for that was to show that Trepan had scratched the surface and deleted little bits of it before he was stopped.
Yes, that sequence was masterful. And a very strong call-back to Rung's thoughts on edits from the first issue. I think I was so impressed by the 'he's a thinker' panel, with the text nearly visible behind Megatron aggressively digging that I was a bit disappointed when we got that whole page of the same text, naked. We can catch the gist already and it seems like gilding the lily.

It was interesting to read though.

Denyer: but getting a good chunk of that conveys much more of a sense of personality than soundbytes (which're a horribly modern affliction, attention spans are shrinking, buggy whip manufacturers should unite against these horseless carriages, yadda yadda).
Yesterday 10:44 PM

I think it's good to leave a reader wanting more without putting everything on the table, especially when you're dealing with BIG IMPORTANT MASTERFUL TEXTS THAT CHANGED HISTORY. It's courting disappointment!

Warcry: Seriously though, I found the initial bits of story to be quite heavy-handed, with Bluestreak and his "What faction is he? Do we know what side he's on? Where's his badge?" coming off as a bit strawmanesque.
I quite liked that as I saw it as being a key part of Bluestreak's make-up: he talks too much. We are basically hearing his thoughts and he has no internal editor.
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