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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I'll believe that Trailbreaker is dead when First Aid or Ratchet say so, and not a moment sooner. What the comic showed was vague at best, and I find it hard to believe Roberts would have gone to such lengths to show how sympathetic he was to Megatron just to kill him. Given the book's track record...
I don't know, it seemed to be trying very hard to be definative (probably to counter the "Fake out" thought that would enter the head of most readers), it even used the "Brain module crushing sound effect" from Legacy of Unicron, something that's probably sacred to Roberts.

Quote: mean most people don't think that?
Imagine if it had been Misfire they'd found, it would have been a much happier ending.

Seriously though, I found the initial bits of story to be quite heavy-handed, with Bluestreak and his "What faction is he? Do we know what side he's on? Where's his badge?" coming off as a bit strawmanesque.
I thought Bluestreak was actually well handled as it felt right for his character even though I think that's by far and away the most he's ever had to do in IDW. Possibly since that Marvel story with Jetfire in it.

Actually...quite the opposite IMO. Even if Trepan didn't have a chance to make wholesale changes to Megatron's psyche, he violated him in the most personal way possible. Being victimized like that by your own government would tend to radicalize even someone as peaceful as Megatron was in the flashbacks. On top of what Whirl did...well, it'd be hard to argue that this wasn't yet another big push down the road to cartoonish supervillainy for Megs.
I don't know, I can't think of an argument that would make it morally OK to let Vos die because he's perceived to be such a massive threat, but not also make it OK to turn Megatron placid (which is presumably what would have happened if the process had worked) against his will because he's equally be perceived to be a threat.

Did they? I got the impression the aliens gave them more trouble than the Lost Light did.
Accumilative effect it would seem (though I suppose that, unlike the ALL, the Galactic Council would have ships with big guns).

Interesting inverview with Roberts HERE on the Transmissions podcast that was recorded before the release of this issue but, as the hosts had review copies the last half is given over to some interesting tidbits (including that Roberts pronounces Necrobot differently to how I do).

After half expecting some clever twist or subversion, I'm mildly surprised to have him come right out and say we have a time traveling Brainstorm at the end (with Nightbeat and Nautica simply not working it properly when in the lift).

Be warned- whilst I have no problem with sponsored podcasts 9after all, they're free to listen to), the "Acting" in the advert at the start from the two hosts is actually, albeit sweetly, cringe induceingly bad.
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