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I don't know, it seemed to be trying very hard to be definative (probably to counter the "Fake out" thought that would enter the head of most readers), it even used the "Brain module crushing sound effect" from Legacy of Unicron, something that's probably sacred to Roberts.
Unless that's yet another method of faking you out, by invoking something that he knows UK readers will assume is a flat "he's dead".

Actually, I hadn't even entertained the possibility that Trailbreaker was meant to be dead until I came here, read the reactions and saw people making the connection to Legacy. I think that's an art fail though, because in the panel accompanied by the "krik" or whatever, Trailbreaker's brain module looks more like a slightly deformed balloon than something that's been permanently smashed. And we don't see the finished product of the squashing, either. On my first read-through I had the impression that DJD Mary Sue #4 was theatening to smoosh TB's brain, not that he actually had.

Also, if Trailbreaker is dead shouldn't his forcefield have turned off? I understand that it's a "panic bubble" with a set duration, but if he was dead his fuel pump would stop pumping energon to the field generator -- and this issue clearly established that it relied on Trailbreaker's energon for fuel and not an external source (he didn't have enough juice left to throw a forcefield over Vos). I guess not, if he's meant to be dead, but that's what I'd been thinking at the time.

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Imagine if it had been Misfire they'd found, it would have been a much happier ending.
Insofar as Misfire would probably have been too afraid to try and kill them right then and there, sure. But we know from the Scavengers issues that he and his friends aren't exactly nice guys either. I suspect any of them would have killed First Aid and co. if given the chance (and then drained their fuel, divvied it up and drank it).

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I thought Bluestreak was actually well handled as it felt right for his character even though I think that's by far and away the most he's ever had to do in IDW. Possibly since that Marvel story with Jetfire in it.
I guess? It just rang hollow for me coming from a character who has basically zero personality to his name. If this had come from, I dunno, Swerve or someone I think it would have felt a lot more natural.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I don't know, I can't think of an argument that would make it morally OK to let Vos die because he's perceived to be such a massive threat, but not also make it OK to turn Megatron placid (which is presumably what would have happened if the process had worked) against his will because he's equally be perceived to be a threat.
I disagree. (How shocking, I know!)

There's two rather large differences between the two, IMO. Denyer covered the first. If they'd just taken Megatron out back and shot him...well, that would still be awful but at least it would be reasonably civilized. Instead they undertook to erase everything that made him who he is and replace him with a totally new Government-Approved Person™, because Primus forbid they let a functional miners' chassis go to waste. I just can't accept any argument that erasing people's minds and identities in order to make them happy slaves isn't way, way worse than killing them.

But secondly and IMO more importantly -- Megatron hadn't actually done anything yet! He'd been jailed and slated for mind-rape for thoughtcrimes. Vos on the other hand was personally complicit in the brutal, completely unjustifiable murders of over 200 innocent Autobots (and Whirl too!) that we know of, on top of whatever other over-the-top atrocities the DJD have committed against victims on both sides of the conflict in whatever length of time he's been a member. He fully deserved a bullet to the brain.

But you know what? Even after the horrors he's been a part of, not even Vos deserves to have his very self erased and replaced with someone else's idea of how he should behave.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Accumilative effect it would seem (though I suppose that, unlike the ALL, the Galactic Council would have ships with big guns).
It's more what they said in the first few pages of the issue...something about the Council and the Black Bloc (or whoever) fighting with a bunch of mechs (the DJD) over a derelict (the Lost Light). They seemingly had a long-running three-way battle, something I can't imagine the DJD would have been interested in had they been at less than 100% after killing the Lost Light crew. And the fight almost had to have happened after that, because otherwise the Lost Light wouldn't have been a derelict.

Of course, all that could just be a red herring meant to throw us off so we don't guess what really happened...
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