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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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Also, if Trailbreaker is dead shouldn't his forcefield have turned off? I understand that it's a "panic bubble" with a set duration, but if he was dead his fuel pump would stop pumping energon to the field generator -- and this issue clearly established that it relied on Trailbreaker's energon for fuel and not an external source (he didn't have enough juice left to throw a forcefield over Vos). I guess not, if he's meant to be dead, but that's what I'd been thinking at the time.
I would assume the panic bubble has it's own separate battery that tops itself up as necessary off of Trailmix's normal energon supply or when he recharges. It's an emergency tool, one might expect such a thing to be able to run separate from regular power.

Obviously we're building to a DJD vs. Megatron and LL confrontation soon, but with Megatron in a weakened state, he's going to need a trump card. I had assumed a strong new body or substantial upgrades, with Brainstorm-tech to finally tap a black hole, but that doesn't seem like a possibility what with Brainstorm taking a little trip. So the next likely option is the thing everyone has been expecting since the start of this season confirmed they were all on board: Defensor.

Consider this, which occurred to me last night: Trailbreaker is dead and his remains, complete with forcefield generators, will be accessible to a pissed off First Aid in short order. Defensor's only notable ability happened to be projecting a forcefield around himself. I think we're gonna see some Autobots combining soon.
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