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Re-read the issue again.

Here's a thought---the Lost Light actually broke apart DURING the attack. It's the only good way to explain it without making the DJD look even more unbeatable.

It was used as the bombing/staging ground for all 3 armies. Yay I'm a genius.

I loved this issue's "meanwhile..." type of story. I also love how it starts so small---4 autobots forced to make a choice, or so the solicits said, opening page to Bluestreak and co, and you're thinking "hmm...let's see what these B listers will do", and BAM...shit happens.

The back and forth between past and present is well done, and the way the issue is set up, you're thinking it would allude to Vos' identity or something. Some parts of the issue almost appears horror-film esque, like Mainframe fixing the translator and bolting out with the muscle of the group before the revelation can be made, or Kaon energizing and transforming inside the panic bubble.

Having listened to a podcast, Trailbreaker is dead and this whole scenery was set up because Roberts wanted him TRAPPED in a place that could potentially have discarded chairs for Kaon to hide. Sadly the art did not make the brain smashing very clear :/

Part of how satisfying this issue is alludes to Trailbreaker's fate. I mean, we've more or less seen bots had worse things happen to them, but it was nobodies or red shirts. Seeing it happen [off panel too] to a genuine A-lister was a bit shocking. I keep wondering if he wasn't spent from helping Vos if he could fare better. I keep forgetting that for DJD standards, Kaon is small, but for regular bot standards, he's actually well built and tall.

A complaint on the art is that Vos goes from "horrifically scorched and unable to ID" back to his regular colours as soon as they prop him up on the chair.

Seeing as the next 4 issues are a pre-war flashback thing, and how we're left now, I believe it will be more or less a DJD Origin story, or at least Tarn's. And at the end of the 4-parter he'll come face to face with Megatron.

Pre-war stuff...okay, brand new territory [and more or less retconning or making Megatron-Origin seem less awkward] but it sadly works against it somehow. Roberts is going out of his way to make Megatron look like an anti hero, a genuine victim, 100% justified etc. It basically builds him up as a hero, and all the evil doings of the Decepticons being attributed to the likes of DJD. Between Soundwave's more recent "neutrally good" stance, Starscream's general benevolent sneakiness, Shockwave's general machinations and Megatron's justified actions, I kind of struggle to see how these 4 figureheads were the spearheads of such a "vile" movement.

This issue also marks a 2 out of 2 cliffhanger with brainstorm seeming "evil", which I suspect is just a red herring for something else. He probably turns out to be the ultimate saviour of the Universe and just having too much fun or a bad camera angle for his money shots

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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