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Warcry: Just like Pious Maximus, he would have been trotted out by the Institute to recant his beliefs in public in an effort to cut the legs out of the Decepticon movement.
Oh jeez, I'd forgotten Pious Maximus. That poor, poor man. I guess Ultra Magnus finally put him down.

Trailbreaker has tons of guns, forcefields and turns into a rugged SUV, while Kaon is seemingly blind, at least somewhat damaged, has no weapons (given he's got barely any energy, he probably can't charge up his Tesla coils) and turns into a chair. If Trailbreaker hadn't saved Vos I think he would have been able to beat him handily, though since Kaon is part of the *swoon* ultra-badass DJD he may have Mary Sued his way to victory regardless.
I can totally buy that Trailcutter was weakened and caught off-guard and so Kaon was able to easily get the upper hand. In a fair fight, maybe it wouldn't have been so decisive but what would be the fun in that?

Unicron: So the next likely option is the thing everyone has been expecting since the start of this season confirmed they were all on board: Defensor.
Gah, I hope they leave all that silly business out of this book.

Knightdramon: Roberts is going out of his way to make Megatron look like an anti hero, a genuine victim, 100% justified etc. It basically builds him up as a hero, and all the evil doings of the Decepticons being attributed to the likes of DJD.
I think that's deliberate at this stage. I can't see Roberts having any intention of completely whitewashing Megatron's past. It's clear in the timeline we have now that Megatron just kind of lost his mind quite early on in the war. The way he was talking about Simanzi back in Dark Cybertron did not strike me as the words of an anti-hero or someone who has a shred of compassion left in him.

Podcast made some good listening though I'm a little tentative to be privy to all this Word-of-Godding. I guess I could just stop following Roberts on Twitter and reading all his interviews but then I'd be out the loop!
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