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Talking What a top episode!

Even though I liked the use of phones in this issue, it does seem unusual when, back in ‘Death of Optimus Prime’ we saw Pax, Sideswipe and Prowl communicating without them, or at least with Madonna style mic attachments built into their helmets. So it would be interesting to know what the explanation is as to why some robots have seemingly in-built communications and others need phones.

On the contrary to what Zigsagger said on the first page of this thread, I think Roberts has a lot of reverence for Megatron: Origin. I certainly like it and it feels like so much has been built from it, rather than it being retconned, so I agree with Knightdramon’s thoughts on this point.

Continuing on with what Unicron said about First Aid’s T-cog never being repaired in Delphi; I wonder if Pharma needed to keep him that way because, from a Functionist viewpoint, First Aid was too important a resource to let die from the plague. Pharma faked the data on Sonic and Boom, perhaps he was also able to create an elaborate explanation as to why First Aid’s T-cog couldn’t be repaired at the time?

I absolutely loved this issue. Something has been bugging me about the World Shut Your Mouth storyline, I don’t know what… I’m just not enamoured by it, apart from the first issue. This one however, is wonderful. Megatron and Terminus were hugely compelling. I love the fact that (Senator) Shockwave was making dangerous changes to the face of Cybertron by limiting the power of the Functionists.

By his actions Shockwave has indirectly contributed to the creation of both Prime and Megatron and revealed to the reader that it was the Autobots who have been deceived all this time, even though their intentions are good. I also loved Shockwave’s thinking behind it; that perhaps he knew Froid and Rung would never agree, putting a serious dent in the use of Shadowplay.

I’m intrigued as to how someone is able to warp in and out of Trailcutters forcefields. I thought they were utterly impregnable. Skywarp for example wouldn’t be flustered at all by one. I thought it would have been more interesting to have First Aid, Mainframe & Bluestreak pacing around the panic bubble a la Darth Maul in Episode I, itching for the second he can get to Qui Gon Jinn (that was a brilliant moment in the film). Split second beaming by Helex would’ve been required to save Kaon from a pulping and also kept Trailcutters bubbles impermeable.

Megatron’s reaction to Chromedome is now revealed in painful detail. What must Megatron truly think of Prime? If he could properly convince him they could change Cybertron the way Megatron and Shockwave wanted, as in for the better.

And further, how utterly scared would Megatron be if he knew what Chromedome knows; that Overlord did indeed glean some decent mnemonic skills from Trepan? Overlord was desperate to confront Megatron again, but perhaps his plan wasn’t simply to kill him. To kill him isn’t really enough damage, he’d surely want to ruin his mind, and perhaps Trepan told him much more than we know right now about how to do it. After all, Chromedome was genuinely shocked at how good Overlord’s mnemonic skills were, and in that field it must take a serious amount to impress a mind-warping wunderkind like Chromedome!

The DJD are utterly horrible. Megatron is up there with them seeing as he commissioned them, and has done things just as bad as they. Right now (apart from Tarn) they are blank slates enjoying masterful kills, in much the same way as Frenzy’s tech-spec. I’m hoping they get some more characterisation (before they are destroyed I guess), and not just Tarn, but at least one of the others. It also makes me wonder, if its so easy to out-and-out hate the DJD (especially after what Kaon did to Trailcutter), then what on earth has the likeable bunny Misfire done to make the near-perfect Skids hate him so much? I can’t wait to see that confrontation, or rather everything that revolves around that story!

I quite like the way all this links to Topspin’s outburst to Ironfist in LSotW; bad things happen to good people, so deal with it (or something like that). That’s certainly Megatron and everything that’s happened since these blasted Functionists.

So are Froid and Rung on personal terms with the Functionists? We've never seen them, only the odd member of the Senate (Decimus, Shockwave, Proteus, the guy who abducted Senator Shockwave with the help of The Heavies). I wonder when they will turn up, and equally whether anyone will explain the existence of Outliers?

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