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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
On the contrary to what Zigsagger said on the first page of this thread, I think Roberts has a lot of reverence for Megatron: Origin. I certainly like it and it feels like so much has been built from it, rather than it being retconned, so I agree with Knightdramon’s thoughts on this point.
I don't know, both times I've seen/heard interviews with Roberts where he's talked about how he and Barber aren't slaves to continuity and will ignore things if they're minor and the new idea is better, he's offered Megatron: Origin up as the totally randomly chosen example of a story they might not have complete fidelity to.

Of course, the first time I heard him mention this it was in relation to background characters, and in retrospect he obviously meant the white Ultra Magnus standing next to Orion Pax at the minibot funeral (the various fembots having already been retoconed hard by Furman. Which made his claim that he hates retcons when his retcon got retconned by Scott all the odder).
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