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I...guess? I mean, if he's actually dead then that has to be how it works, but I honestly can't see any logical design reason for that.
Think of it like those emergency lights in schools and other large buildings. One of their uses is to kick on when the power goes out, so it's kind of useless for them to simply run off the building's power. I would liken the panic bubble to those.

Wouldn't you need Brainstorm to make Defensor too, though? Ratchet probably could do it on his own but I can't imagine him agreeing to do so.

I hope you're right though, more Protectobots is always a good thing.
Perceptor is on board still, no? Him, Ratchet, First Aid and any other science/engineering/medical specialists on board could all work together on it. Hell, Megatron would probably consult on it, since he had combiner tech built into one of his recent bodies and he's known to have been after the tech for forever. Stands to reason he'd have some knowledge on the subject.
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