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I can't see anything wrong with combiner wars. Its always been an interesting concept, melding five minds, and I've not really seen a decent stab at it in Transformers comics.
It would be interesting to see what James Roberts would do with the idea.

The best example I've seen so far was in Cliffjumpers fanfic; where Defensor squared off against Galvatron. In the sequence, Galvatron damaged Defensor's leg (Groove in this case) essentially knocking that limb unconscious, it removed the drifter element and made the Gestalt a thoroughly more destructive killing machine who was about to finish off Galvatron when Hotspot gave the issue to separate because, you know, killing is wrong.

There must be loads of room for experimentation with gestalts. What if one of them is feeling a bit depressed, has taken some Syk, or been taken sick? Menasor was made up of components who detested Motormaster. I always thought that was an interesting idea, but nothing ever came of it.

[Edit] I notice Trailbreaker/Cutter was still wearing the headcam that Riptide asked him to wear back in issue 29. I wonder if there's any significance to that, and does it mean Riptide or anyone else got a front row seat to witness his demise? Could they also communicate with him via the headcam? Or perhaps its nothing and the artist was using issue 29 as a reference.

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