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Some things I need to chime in...

Most people [myself included] did not realize Trailbreaker died because of the art of that specific panel. It basically seems like Kaon is just holding the brain module up close towards the camera/panel.

Trailbreaker is NOT as powerful as people make him out to be. Sorry guys. He's a part of the ethics committee, generally dislikes guns [you'd think a guy at war for 4 millions years would not misspell every single weapon in his Spotlight issue, and opt for a gravity switch] and the only guns on his person are the relatively newly installed knee guns. All the junk on his back are/were possibly for his force field. Kaon, on the other hand...until we get definitive proof that he's indeed blind, I'm just going for black eyes.

As for the big 4, yes, their characters really mellowed with the past 2 years of storylines and retcons...but we have...

Soundwave the freedom fighter, who wants justice and peace in RID and equality for all oppressed bots
Starscream the benevolent leader who at the face of trouble goes into a catatonic state and doesn't harm anybody [he's seriously killed 3 people so far in RID...and he's supposed to be like the second strongest Decepticon. Or second most skilled]
Shockwave the good guy who wants survival of his species, then gets shadowplayed and still wants survival for his species but doesn't care if somebody dies

And Megatron.

Somewhere along the line IDW made them all too likable or benevolent to work as EVIL villains. Villains, yes, but not as evil as before. Even Megatron's "I'd go through a thousand corpses and through seas of oil to get to the last autobot" line was stated to have been a hoax to spite Optimus.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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