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I thought MTMTE was being spared "Combiner Wars"?
Officially it's supposed to be contained to just the Transformers title (formerly RID), last I heard anyway. There's nothing saying Roberts can't do his own take on it though. He's got an out for his (potential) version being different from the others over in RID, as one built on the Lost Light would use a different process, etc.

I'm also inclined to think Hasbro has plans for the combiner molds and theme beyond what we've already been shown. I really expect repaints, remolds, and new molds to be utilized to give us at least another pair (I can see a voyager Hot Spot and Onslaught sharing a base mold easily, just swap the ladder for an artillery piece/cannon). And with Hasbro's recent penchant for having the current toys show up in comics, I can see the combiner aspect popping up in MTMTE eventually, even if the subtitle and whole mess from RID don't.
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