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I'm not entirely sure that's true, in the IDWverse. The Autobot code is a ponderously bulky and bureaucratic thing, by the sounds of it, and in practice the only screener for becoming an Autobot seems to be "do you want to kill Decepticons?"

I mean, in theory it'd be nice if what you say is true, but in practice they employed Whirl for four million years.
My suspicion is that the bureaucracy of the Autobot Code in IDW is a result of legal minded people like Tyrest. They took a set of ideals and converted it to law, with all these fiddly little bits written in legalese.

I think you're right that the general qualifier is "not a Decepticon/want to kill Decepticons", with a rough set of rules that's basically 'don't be evil' while the Code is generally ignored as an actual set of rules/laws unless the situation calls for it.

I think Tailgate's rough assumption at the start of his lessons with Magnus is how it really works, while all the lessons Magnus put him through were just him being post-breakdown OCD about things. Had Magnus not been on the ship, or Tailgate been with another group of Autobots, it probably would have been something like 'So you want to be an Autobot? Ok. Here's the Do's and Don'ts and your temporary badge. Real one will arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks'.
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