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Yay! Pre-ordered. (Given the fact that AoE Generations are overpriced exclusives to TRU in the UK, with the first wave still hogging shelves, I really don't mind paying to import the Takara ones - with a few exceptions the paint jobs are infinitely better.)

That's fine by me - I had hoped for a reshelled Bumblebee, given the mould is clearly designed with this in mind, but had lost all hope of anything by now. If they couldn't secure the rights to the Pagani Huayra, I'm just glad they went and repainted the Camaro.

That rounds off my AoE collection very nicely indeed - I was very disappointed by the lack of Decepticons / villains. Two just doesn't cut it. To be fair, neither does three, but, hey, it's better. Also, the AoE Deluxe New Camaro Bumblebee mould is really fun.

Thanks Takara!

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