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Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
I think Tailgate's rough assumption at the start of his lessons with Magnus is how it really works, while all the lessons Magnus put him through were just him being post-breakdown OCD about things. Had Magnus not been on the ship, or Tailgate been with another group of Autobots, it probably would have been something like 'So you want to be an Autobot? Ok. Here's the Do's and Don'ts and your temporary badge. Real one will arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks'.
I think you're probably right, in practice. In spite of having lots of rules, the application of their rules seem to be very lax (bordering on the nonexistent) as long as you're a net asset to the cause and don't do anything to publicly bring disgrace down on them. Which is fair enough, since they're embroiled in an existential war.

I imagine they got more and more lax over time as the war went on, too. Wasn't there something about how the "lessons" that newborns were taught got reduced time and again as the war went on until they were basically just slinging them out on the front lines as soon as they switched on?

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But while the 'forged' are evidently born wholesale from the crust of Cybertron, bodies, brains and all, the 'constructed cold' are given pre-built bodies - so someone must have the know-how to create brain modules.
Building something from scratch and repairing it while it's in operation are two different things, though. I mean, try working on your car's engine while it's running and see how far you get. I don't doubt that they can take a brain apart and put it back together again. I'm just not sure the person who the brain belongs to would survive the process, or that they could switch out components without causing major behavioural changes.

(Are the Forged born whole? When we saw the hot spot on Luna 1, there was nothing in it but sparks.)
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