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Building something from scratch and repairing it while it's in operation are two different things, though. I mean, try working on your car's engine while it's running and see how far you get. I don't doubt that they can take a brain apart and put it back together again. I'm just not sure the person who the brain belongs to would survive the process, or that they could switch out components without causing major behavioural changes.
I wouldn't let me anywhere near a car's engine! But yeah, I see what you mean - though of course, the point of Shadowplay is to induce major behavioural change.

This is something I'd like to see explored actually - what happens if the spark survives but not the brain, or vice-versa. Do they do transplants - attaching a new brain to a new spark? Would it create an entirely new person?

(Are the Forged born whole? When we saw the hot spot on Luna 1, there was nothing in it but sparks.)
Admittedly, it's something of an assumption on my part, but I make it for several reasons:

One, when describing the 'constructed cold' they make a point of sparks being placed in 'pre-fab' bodies - they wouldn't make that distinction if the sparks from hot-spots were also placed in built bodies.

Two, because when Brainstorm harvests the spark it is said to come with 'sentio-metallico', which is a phrase James has used in his fanfics to describe the 'liquid metal' seen when the Transformers biomorphically replicate, as in G2 - and of course there, the sentio-metallico quickly forms into an entire Transformer.

The process in IDW presumably takes longer, but I suspect their nature is the same.

(As I recall, the prejudice between those born 'naturally' and artificially was first made by James reference to those born by biomorphic replication, and those Matrixed, possibly in Eugenesis.)

Finally, the Functionist doctrine categorises people according to alt mode, so if everyone is in pre-fabricated bodies who gave them the alt modes? Thus, it seems that at least those 'forged' are born with their alternate forms already in place - therefore strengthening the parallels to civil rights movements in real life).

(This also makes the relationship between the Functionists and the constructed cold quite interesting.)

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