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As an IDW-specific question I'm not sure it's one we can answer (though something very much like this happened in an old BotCon comic). They've never really told us what the spark and brain module do in this universe. Is the spark just their "life force", and the brain module the seat of their identity and consciousness? Or is the spark where their mind lives and the brain module is just the hardware it executes on and uses to interface with their body? Or is it some odd mix of the two? I'm not sure the even the Transformers themselves know the answer to that, and they might consider it a theological question more than a scientific one since neither part can survive or function without the other.
My personal preference would be that the brain module 'is' the Transformer in question, with the spark essentially being like the human heart - and therefore theoretically replaceable, but definitely vital to continued existence. But that's just me being an old Marvel fan!

(Outside of the fiction, Rossum's Trinity is probably an attempt to clear up the fact that in Last Stand... James and Nick had TFs die by brain module destruction, whereas previously we had seen the worst criminals in Garrus 9 stripped down to the spark.)

What I wonder is why they consider the transformation cog to be an equally vital part as the brain and spark. It seems like they can be swapped from person to person easily enough, and Triple-M are proof that you can survive without one pretty much indefinitely. I understand that transformation is the core of their identity as a race, but the whole "Rossum's Trinity" thing implies that damage to any of the three can kill you. Though I suppose that might just be a leftover Functionist thing -- if you can't transform, you no longer have a place in the Grand Cybertron Taxonomy and might as well be dead.
No one likes action masters

Incidentally, I can't be the only one who wishes James had been able to keep the phrase 'morphcore' as opposed to 't-cog' - it's far more poetic.

That makes perfect sense! And that's actually how I'd assumed it happened too...that Forged Transformers sprung to life as complete protoforms sort of like what we saw in Beast Wars. I didn't get the G2 connection at all in Remain in Light, and the art doesn't really show it very well, but I think this is as good an explanation as we're likely to get
I wonder if they'll ever come out and plainly show a Transformer being born and growing - I hope so, as I have a pathological need to be proven right, but I fear for how some of the more conservative fans might react - 'budding' seems to be one of those ideas (along with 'naturally occurring gears, levers and pulleys') that fan consensus has deemed too silly for our toy robots.

I bet that's where "Ratioism" enters the picture. If Functionist ideology holds that there should be a certain proportion between the different classes of Cybertronian life, then it only makes sense that they'd cold-construct new Transformers to keep the number of available Disposable and Labour-class mechs up -- after all, they must have a much higher attrition rate than the higher castes, and everyone still seems to hate knock-offs so they certainly wouldn't unleash them on upper-crust society. Which essentially means that they're building made-to-order slaves
Ah, I'd forgotten all about 'ratioism' - yup, I think you've hit the nail on the head there! And it's interesting to note that, once the war begins, the Autobots start building 'Made-To-Order' soldiers...

(Megatron was right!)

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