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If Brainstorm does pan out to be a mole of some kind, I'm not sold on the idea that he'll be a straight up villain or anything. Underhanded, amoral and all that crap, yeah, but not like evil-evil - that so far has strictly been the realm of Overlord, the DJD and what few other 'Cons we've seen.
Whether he goes full cartoon villain or not, if he is truly a mole, there's no reasonable way they'd let him stay on the ship.
Only way I could see it happen is either A) some kind of cover-up by Megatron and higher-ups on the ship, or 2) Brainy would need to do something stupidly ridiculous in an attempt to redeem himself, and then he's right into Cyclonus' role as the guy who did some f'ed up stuff, everyone hates him and he's just trying to carry on with his existence.
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