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Finally read this.

Some stuff...

Hated that they didn't continue on with the cliffhanger of last issue.

The medical ethical debate stuff was done pretty well in my opinion, on both sides of the coin with Trepan and First Aid. The conversation between First Aid and Trailbreaker's the best part of it. Why can't ethics classes be portrayed in actual stories like this instead of 'History of the Development of Ethics'?


I mean this is MTMTE and he'll survive by some... thing, I dunno, a mini-Trailbreaker or this is the alternate Trailbreaker or some shit. But still.

Vos and his crazy removable spikeface is still fun. I think Vos is my favourite out of the DJD, though considering one is Tarn, two are unmemorable brutes and the other just killed one of my favourite Lost Light crew members, it's not really that hard of a choice.

What else? Terminus was great, the passages from Megatron's book were great, visuals with the text was great, Trailbreaker's freaking LEG CANNONS made me laugh, the panic bubble is pretty ironic, Brainstorm at the end is weird... I like this issue. It's a bit slower and a bit more hollow than normal MTMTE issues, but I do like how the first half of the issue seems to be just a little parallel to the more meaty Megatron stuff, and then suddenly Vos. And when I thought it was going to be 'Vos is Agent 113', nope, there's a second bastard lurking around.

**** YOU KAON.

Overall felt like a really short read, but still pretty great nonetheless.

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