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James Roberts has confirmed that Trailbreaker is indeed dead on multiple podcasts since. No cop outs, or so the man says.

One interesting thing that went unnoticed is that with the last 2 issues worth of flashbacks, all the bots on the Necrobot's list have indeed died one way or another.

Seeing as the one thing all these had in common was that they were killed by the DJD, it looks like there's more than meets the eye with that bot. It might be that there's a pacifist or something, trailing the DJD and cataloging their death tolls so he can one day show up to Megatron and slap him in the face with that death datapad?

Regardless, while S2 didn't start off very strongly in my opinion [the back and forth from the trial that everybody knew the outcome of and the recent events hurt the pacing] but it has picked up.

I want more Rodimus though. This was more or less supposed to be his quest and by extension, book, but he's been sidelined a LOT.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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