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I'd like to see a few of the old faces too. 'Season 2' (ugh. sorry, I really hate comics trying to ape TV. Its a different medium entirely. If anything, this should be a 'volume two' , but comics don't have this quaint old practice anymore.) might as well be a brand new book as we've effectively had an entirely new cast to contend with. That does mean that the book has unfortunately fallen prey to the 'new toys' problems that plagued the old Marvel book and has too many characters to concentrate on.

I have felt that since Dark Cybertron, the book is effectively starting over and is less of a continuation of what went before.

I suppose its felt a bit more like the recent run of Doctor Who, a bit of a transitional phase following a big jamboree and we're about to knuckle down to something (hopefully) really really good

This is a minor criticism though, as this is still hands down the best comic produced under the Transformers banner.
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