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One other question: How is Cosmos currently pulling double shifts in MTMTE and (ex) RID? The writers have made sure to know which characters are featuring in which book, seems slightly odd to make a cock-up now?
He's not. His only MTMTE appearances post-Dark Cybertron have been flashbacks, to either the trial on Luna 2 or on the alternate Lost Light.

I temporarily considered him as a real mole candidate, as being space worthy, alt-Cosmos could have skipped out on the ALL and linked up with Prime's group for further evil spying, while normal LL Cosmos has been pulling a Rodimus and been unseen on the lower decks (duplicate Cosmoses, Cosmiii, whatever possibly persisting due to distance between the two even the ALL engines shutdown). Falls apart as I don't think the timing would work out at all, and apparently he shows up in the real flashback to the DJD's assault.
Another one of my random theories that falls apart under scrutiny. Fun though.
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