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Hmmm... definitely some interesting bits here, and a lot of questions raised that will probably be answered over this and the next 37 issues.

Spoiler thingy, just to be safe.
SPOILER! (select to read)
So the Council sold/gave away Luna 2. Does that mean it was simply offlimits to Cybertronians while the BBC (interesting, either there's two groups in the galaxy with those initials, or they changed names for some reason) mines it, scraps it, or whatever they're doing with it, or that Luna 2 was literally taken away from Cybertron? And if the latter, then where the hell did the current Luna 2 come from?

Mass recalls of 'unnecessary' classes? So mass culling of parts of the species, I assume. Man, those Functionists were evil SOBs.

So Minimus does, or at least did, have an alt mode. Why do I have a feeling the next page is going to be him getting hassled or locked up by that Functionary.

EDIT: I totally missed them on the first look but holy hell is there a lot of Unicron Trilogy cameos, or themed generics, on that third page.

SPOILER! (select to read)
There was something bugging me about that first page, like something was missing, and it was pointed out elsewhere: There's no 'couple of million years ago' yellow text indicating this is a flashback. So with that and the hugely major events that would be the loss of Luna 2 and deportation of knock-offs going unmentioned previously, a theory has emerged that this is actually present day Cybertron after Brainstorm screwed something up in the past.
Seems quite likely, especially with Minimus having not seen Dominus for 2 million years. If this were really a flashback, then it would have to be a good ways pre-war, since Dom and Rewind were off planet at the start, which would mean the Ambuses were contemporaries of Cyclonus, Nova Prime, and all of them, which I don't think has been established before. So yeah, I'm thinking alternate present due to Brainstorm killing a cyberbutterfly by accident. Or Megatron. One of the two.


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