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Just got an email about Exhaust from BBTS. It would appear that, yes indeed, there are problems with having the cigarette brand emblem on a toy in the US. Given the recent hissy fit that one lady had with the Breaking Bad figures at Toys R Us, apparently Phillip Morris is wanting to flat out avoid opening a can of worms:

Hi - We wanted to update you about a new development in regards to your preorder of the Transformers Masterpiece MP-23 Exhaust figure from Takara. We were just contacted by a law firm on behalf of Marlboro & Phillip Morris USA. They informed us that the MP-23 Exhaust figure infringes on their trademark and trade dress for products marketed and sold in the USA.

The mark in question is generally shaped like this:

| |

This mark is found on the hood/roof of the MP-23 car in red, and also in smaller green shapes on the left and right fenders. They are concerned because these marks cannot be used on products that could be intended for children as dictated by the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (

We must comply with the requests they have made in order to avoid legal action with Phillip Morris. We have removed the MP-23 listing from our website. Your preorders have been transferred to a generic unpublished listing in case the product is changed or modified before release and would no longer be infringing. If the product is not changed, we will cancel all preorders and we will not be able to sell this product.

We apologize for the trouble on this item.

Joel Boblit
Anyone know where else I can preoder Exhaust? I totally understand why BBTS is having to back off, but I still want one
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