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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I assume that if I end up with one or two extras it'll be easy to find them homes. Really only expect Robotkingdom to come through, though.
I forgot Robotkingdom existed! Glad you were able to find one there.

And yeah, if BBTS is getting hit with C&D letters over this I'd be surprised if any other noteworthy US site was able to slip under the radar. TFSource will probably be in the same boat.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Asides from being ****ing arrogant ****s claiming IP rights over basic geometric shapes, Philip Morris are still pushing tobacco advertising to youth markets in areas they can get away with their 'Maybe [vague bad thing will happen] Marlboro' campaign, so that's a bit rich.
I don't think Philip Morris really cares about either of those things. They're just preemptively trying to cover their own asses. It wouldn't be out of character for the US government to see this and try to sue them for $1 billion for "allowing" their logo to be used on a toy, so they're actively stopping US shops from selling the thing to ward off future legal trouble. Which is a shame, because tobacco companies deserve as many billion-dollar lawsuits as they can get.
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