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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
James Roberts has confirmed that Trailbreaker is indeed dead on multiple podcasts since. No cop outs, or so the man says.
And that's a perfectly valid statement. But it doesn't stop Trailbreaker being saved by a time jumping Brainstorm does it? I mean, that's not a cop out... technically Trailbreaker is very actually dead and Ratchet or First Aid can't repair him, but time jumping may require Brainstorm (or somebody) to go back and rescue a guy with such an important forcefield resource to the crew. It may even be that Trailbreaker has even been saved in such a way before?

And that would be very cool following his FIM chip personality slap by Megatron, which turned him into the very definition of a heroic Autobot, rather than a pissed up one-trick pony (although even during his drunk days he showed some very cool handling in his spotlight against Lockdown and Co. thanks to Whirl's confidence boosting words).

... Or he's a dead parrot. I really don't mind either way as he's a fairly minor character. Perhaps it was a smart move, as his skills may have proven too game changing for the story following his enforced sobriety, and then we'd be witness to legions of fans complaining in future stories; "Well why don't they just use Trailbreaker/Cutter to forcefield bounce the enormous re-animated slavering corpse of conjoined Tyrest/Pharma, I mean god, he's got this super power that no-one else has...

Trailbreaker (in this continuity) has saved Kup, he's saved the entire Lost Light crew and (sadly) he saved Vos. That's more than most Transformers have ever been shown to do, apart from Prime. So he gets to have a good name and be well remembered.
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