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The first Maverick one had the Ultra Magnus cover didn't it? Same artwork as the soundtrack album.

IIRC, the release pattern in the UK was VHS (1986 - MSD/ Tempo Video) w/ original UK film poster (the Megatron/ Prime one) , VHS (1999 - Sony Wonder/ Maverick) with the Ultra Magnus movie artwork, VHS / DVD (2001 - Maverick)with a totally awful completely black cover with no artwork and screen caps on the rear (to tie in with Maverick's similarly awful VHS/DVD releases of the first season, all with colour-coded sleeves), Cheapo DVD release (c.2004 - Metrodome, I think with just a screen-cap of Rodimus on the front), The Reconstructed DVD 2005 (Metrodome) with the Magnus Movie artwork and then the 2007 definitely not a cash on the live action film honest Metrodome tinned version, with rubbish lurching Prime artwork on the tin, and original UK Movie Poster artwork on the clamshell inside. I think there was a further budget release after this too in about 2009 which has some different artwork again.

Although I no longer own it, I didn't mind the way Reconstructed looked and sounded. Its an interesting folly. Metrodome still deserve a slap for it though 'more of the picture is visible' - not much of a benefit when the thing wasn't made in widescreen and just means you can see to the edge of the cel.
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