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Default Transformers VS GI Joe #4

Holy hell.

This is the best comic in the world.

I didn't think anything could stand up against this month's more-stellar-than-usual MTMTE but this book just keeps finding its own ways to be impressive. The speed! The acrobatics! We have a barrage of missiles carrying food, pets and death and also a barrage of utter madness. Fortress Maximus shows up to eat all the freshly-introduced characters. Grimlock gives us a cave painting of the Sherma Dam sequence and the best visual shorthand for Omega Supreme possible. And Doctor Venom - god damn!

We get a whole new take on Hot Rod before Return To Cybertron Blaster shows up to shoot him in the face. Bazooka climbs out of a toilet to have a psychedelic experience during which he sees the face of Primus.

And that map, by god how I love the map.

I almost can't take it. I need to lie down.
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