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As part one of a story there's a lot of set up and exposition here (especially in the "Real" timeline scenes), so this is something that'll probably read a bit better when done all in one go with the following issues.

But dang, there's some good ideas here. A villain trying to change history and making things worse even for them isn't entirely unprecedented (amongst other things it was the basic idea of Back to the Future 2 before the scene of Old Biff being erased from history because Lorraine had shot him during the '90's was cut), but it would still have been far more standard to show Brainstorm's effect simply to be having the Decepticon's win, this is far more interesting.

And hey, there's an actual plot reason for Rewind to be back as his database is going to be the litmus test for whether things are fixed or not!

I'd say Brainstorm is pretty much unambiguously evil isn't he at this stage?

The fate of Dominus was just nasty, and the eye cameras were a really neat piece of proper science fiction (for a while now I've thought there'd be something in that with the way electrical devices are shrinking all the time).

Ironically, as much as the new future is probably worse for all the Transformers, it probably means the rest of the galaxy is a lot better off doesn't it?

I will bet you know Megatron will be the leader of the resistance in the new present (or, if Roberts is being really tricksy, Orion Pax will be and Brainstorm has actually gone back to kill Megatron having decided all their defeats are actually their leader's fault and he's going to take charge using his future knowledge to try and change things).
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