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Flawless stuff. Genuinely scary alternate present and great scenes on the Lost Light. I particularly liked the 'last place I expected to find you' scene and the 'grotty fan club' line. Nice bit of unfashionable cartooning with the labels on the Functionist Council table. It's not just Scioli who can get diagrammatical when the situation calls for it.

And among all that is the wrenching but understated bit about Rewind not quite reintegrating with Chromedome and an offer of therapeutic mnemosurgery.

I'm subscribing to Dalek's theory that Megatron was/is Brainstorm's true target on the grounds that it is far more interesting.

It was early on when things were still solidifying, but it strikes me that Rewind in the first issue of MTMTE had a sort of nostalgic, almost warm view of Functionism - he kept his useless alt mode and repeated one of their slogans in a cheerful way. I'd like it if that was intentional - the way people in Russia have fond memories of Stalin and such.

Speaking of which, wasn't 'The Guided Hand' a phrase that Rewind read off the Matrix that only Optimus and Cyclonus knew anything about? Seems like the Functionists had the inside track, or got hold of the Matrix, or that it's more useful and interesting to have a widely shared cultural background rather than a secret history.
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