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Okay. I REALLY want to know what Brainstorm's motivation is, as this alternate new future is pretty freakin' nasty.

Shows how little we know about him. Assuming this is the future he had intended... maybe it isn't. Maybe this is an unintended consequence.

Also on board with Dalek on this one; Megatron seems to be a more likely target (I personally haven't bought into the Stormy being a Decepticon double-agent thing yet). Once more, I'm reminded of Optimus and Megatron's chat in Chaos Theory; without Megatron's uprising, there'd be no Optimus Prime, and thus no Autobots. At least, not as we know them. No Megatron also means there's no one to challenge the (then) status quo. The Functionalists (et al) are left more or less unfettered to evolve into, well, what we see here.

That's how I'm rationalizing it. Makes more sense to me than targeting Orion Pax, at any rate.


Whatever. I'm probably wrong.

Good showing from Rodimus. The focus these last seven issues has been skewed towards Megatron, and while that's not much of a criticism, it's still nice to see more of the old faces again. I guess it's the wait between issues that makes it seem like it's been forever since we've last seen the likes of Rodimus or Magnus.

Speaking of which, I'm starting to like the slightly-more-cynical Ultra Magnus. There's a glimmer of a personality trying to shine through. It looks like he's finally come to terms with life aboard the Lost Light and all that entails.

"Caught in another time paradox, you say? Huh. Must be a Wednesday."

At first I was just as confused as Rodimus and the others were, trying to work out the mechanics of Brainstorn's time machine with the multiple briefcases and... and the colorful technobabblery. Think I'll chalk it up as "magic", too.

Eh, I'm kind of a dunce already, especially when it comes to this sort of thing, so it all sounds plausible to me.

But in all seriousness, the real headscratcher, for me anyway, was how Perceptor came to the conclusion that Brainstorm time jumped. Did I skim past that part?

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And among all that is the wrenching but understated bit about Rewind not quite reintegrating with Chromedome and an offer of therapeutic mnemosurgery.
Chromedome hasn't quite given me a reason to doubt his intentions -- or his feelings for Rewind -- but was I the only one that was worried that he might be considering doing more than just erasing ALL Rewind's memories of the DJD?
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