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Okay, good. Thought something had went over my head. Mind, I'm game for time travelling shenanigans, but it seemed like a bit of a stretch.

Still, it's the Lost Light. Guess I'll just go along with it.

In a similar vein; while I'm willing to bet there's more to Brainstorm's briefcase than being a component to some convoluted time traveling device (apparently it can also jumble the order of events), how come the Sparkeater, waaaaay back in issue #3, is turned away by it?

I think Perceptor went to the lab, saw the arrangement of briefcases and did some investigating. I imagine that everybody thought there was only one and that is why its contents and purposes were inscrutable.

As for the sparkeater - remember that Brainstorm has no spark thanks to his contact with Nova Prime's body. Perceptor doesn't know that and says that Brainstorm has linked his briefcase to his spark and only someone who shares his spark-type can follow him. Brainstorm harvested that green spark in Remain In Light so I guess that means only Megatron and Ultra Magnus can go time-jumping.

So was the spark-harvesting a precautionary measure to limit those who could follow him? Was he just messing everyone around by saying the idea of putting the green spark in his briefcase had blown his mind or did he take that as a suggestion?
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