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Hahaha.Warcry has posted in this thread! Time for the monthly argument with Captain Grumpy over his finding of flaws in the issue. The absolute highlight of my lonely and miserable life. He he.

I really need to get a handle on the whole inner monologue thing.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
What an issue! A great view of what Cybertron might have become without Megatron and Optimus to tear the system down.

Waaaaaaaaaaaait.... what? Has Roberts actually managed to change actual reality? What's going on?!?!!?!!!?!!!?????? :0

Hard to say!
Sure it is. And Trailbreaker's death was ambiguous.

What I did like, was that the need to use Quantum engines actually gives a reason for him coming on the Lost Light in the first place, it's already been established as being in some way a special ship so presumably he wanted to study the technology to perfect his technique.

Thinking about it actually, the theory of time travel here is clearly based on Roberts thinking very hard about how it worked in the UK stories and trying to deal with various oddities (moving through space as well as time, the future just sort of carrying on with none of the changes in the past affecting it) to be found there.

Mind, whilst I can see why Roberts would have Perceptor firmly debunk the idea time travel is going to work like it did in the rebooted Star Trek film (because if every time you time travel you do go into a parallel timeline and the original carries on regardless there wouldn't be much of a sense of jeopardy nor a lot of motivation to go after him as a universe where those things happened would exist anyway), it is odd that we're told parallel Universes don't exist whilst at the same time cutting to an alternate version of the present that is... well parallel.

Come to that, isn't the whole idea of Quantum physics based upon the "Infinite number of possible outcomes all happening" idea?

Or Brainstorm isn't a Decepticon at all and his crudely-scrawled badge is only an attempt to fit in during the pre-war days so he can get close enough to Megatron to kill him and prevent the war in the first place, which (he thinks) will make the future a better place?
I suppose the big clue about what he's after is last issue he materialised where Megatron was in the past rather than where Pax was.

He's so a Decepticon.

On the whole "Is this actually what Brainstorm wanted?" thing, considering he was established as "Knock Off" back in Remain in Light I'd say things firmly got out of his control.

On a similar note, Roberts confirmed a while ago the Spark Eater ignored Brainstorm because he was dead, the holding up of the briefcase was just a bluff (interestingly he's also said that whilst Brainstorm was always going to be dead, it would have been for different reasons and had a different outcome if Dark Cybertron hadn't come along and made it a sensible place to deal with the idea).

Yeah...I got the feeling that he'd at least consider erasing all of Rewind's memories of his time on the other Lost Light (conveniently getting rid of the "You're not my Chromedome!" complaint) or possibly even rewriting those memories with constructs based on what his Rewind lived through. I don't know if he'd actually do it, but it has to be tempting.
It's alright, his good buddy Brainstorm will likely disuade him of doing anything so drastic like last time.

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