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I'm still not convinced Brainstorm is actually using the green spark for himself/his time travel scheme. At least not until we see the thing actually in his chest/hooked up to the machine. I'm still inclined to think he's going to (or at least try to) build a 'Phase sixer'.

For the why to the time travel, I'm of split opinion on the reason he went back. I'm certain Brainy isn't really a Decepticon and that the faceplate was a red herring planted by the the ALL's real mole. So I'm down to two real options:
1. He went back to hunt down some Ununtrium and other materials needed for making a Phase Sixer, and did some random thing that messed with the timeline in the process. Or
2. He's actually a functionist hard liner and his whole intent in travelling back was to do things that would ensure the Functionist Council rose to power without the Senate interfering with them. (Could swear there was a solicitation talking about the Functionists wanting revenge on Pax for something, even if it took millions of years to get it)

I'm not sure what's up with Rewind picking up memories from his altered present counterpart, aside from the possibility he's somehow being connected to the quantum engines, and thus the briefcase time machine, from when the ALL's engines were shut off (I'd say Megatron wasn't because they weren't his engines, or because he wasn't a result of a quantum duplicating. That or he doesn't get the memory mix because he's dead in the altered present).
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