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Were the Functionists overthrown by the Senate in the past, or were the Senate members puppets of the Functionists? I've forgotten at what point the Functionists fell into myth (presuming they're not around in the present day OLL, as it were).

I've a feeling Rewind isn't going to be around for too long. In a Pipes' way he's destined to get shafted no matter what destiny he's in. And I'm SO GLAD he and Chromedome didn't get back together like nothing much had happened.

I thought this issue was spectacular. Its got all the good feeling and interweaving of Shadowplay & more. I love the Judge Dredd coloured (and detailed) Functionist enforcers, the clever slogans everywhere which state their intentions so plainly...

And I got the subscription cover with Three of Twelve on the front. If that isn't one of the most sinister covers I've ever seen on a Transformers title i'll eat some twist n' share garlic bread.
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