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Were the Functionists overthrown by the Senate in the past, or were the Senate members puppets of the Functionists? I've forgotten at what point the Functionists fell into myth (presuming they're not around in the present day OLL, as it were).
Pretty sure the Functionists were overthrown along with the Senate, as they were still active during Shadowplay (as evidenced by Nightbeat and Quark's[I think that was the microscope dude}, and Prowl and "Chromedome"'s conversations). The war kicking off kind of threw the Functionist ideals out the window, what with people like Megatron being repurposed from miners to war machines, and other alt mode swaps. They may have even been taken out by the Decepticons early in the war in a similar way to the Senate.

I would think the Functionists and the Senate acted like say a Government and a Church did back in the Middle Ages or so. So both were powerful institutions, with the Senate running the day to day stuff while the Functionists had outsized influenced and enforced their will on how society worked.

Presumably there'd be some fanatics floating around still who are Pro-Functionist. Brainy may well be one of them. But if so, he hides it pretty damn well.
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